Recorder & Player Setup for Oracle
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Recorder & Player Setup for Oracle

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This article is for Oracle users. We also have this article for SAP users

  1. Panaya username and password with the Test Run Edit & Execute Permission
  2. .NET Framework, version 4.6.2 and above
  3. At least 100MB available in the Windows temp files directory
Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 10
Supported browsers: Click here for supported browsers information

To Install the Panaya Testing Tool for Oracle -

  1. Log in to Panaya and select the relevant project
  2. Select any of your test activities; you can use the list or tree view to view tests. 
  3. Select the Steps tab and click on theto Run & Document the test.
    The recorder and player will then load.
  4. If a Security Warning appears, approve it by clicking Run
  5. The Panaya Testing Tool will then load. Click Start Recording to begin capturing test activities.

Learn more about how to Run & Document 
Learn how to view test evidence

Cannot see the Run & Document button? Click here to learn when Steps are Ready to Test
Are you experiencing issues when trying to launch the Recorder? Click here for suggested solutions.
Are you using Google Chrome? Installation of two extensions is required to use Google Chrome with Panaya.