Recorder & Player Setup for Oracle
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Recorder & Player Setup for Oracle

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This article is for Oracle users. We also have this article for SAP users

  1. Panaya username and password with the Test Run Edit & Execute Permission
  2. .NET Framework, version 4.6.2 and above
  3. At least 100MB available in the Windows temp files directory
Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 10
Supported browsers: Click here for supported browsers information

To Install the Panaya Testing Tool for Oracle -

  1. Log in to Panaya and select the relevant project
  2. Select any of your test activities; you can use the list or tree view to view tests. 
  3. Select the Steps tab and click on theto Run & Document the test.
    The recorder and player will then load.
  4. If a Security Warning appears, approve it by clicking Run
  5. The Panaya Testing Tool will then load. Click Start Recording to begin capturing test activities.

Learn more about how to Run & Document 
Learn how to view test evidence

Cannot see the Run & Document button? Click here to learn when Steps are Ready to Test
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