Oracle Applications for Testing
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Oracle Applications for Testing

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Article summary

In order to use the Panaya Oracle Testing Tool for EBS, it is recommended to configure at least one instance in the Oracle Applications settings in Panaya.

  1. Log in to Panaya
  2. Click on the Settings buttonto open up the settings panel
  3. Select the relevant System from the drop-down list
  4. Under Oracle Testing, select to View & Manage Oracle Applications
  5. Select New to configure a new instance and define the following fields -

    System Name
    Give your system a meaningful name.
    The System Name will appear for users when they launch the Panaya Testing Tool and click on Review Oracle Systems(s).
    Home Page URL
    This is the Oracle Application URL for the EBS system that you will be using for the recording.
    This should be the “Home Page URL” e.g.
    Login Page URL
    This is the Login Page URL for the EBS system. You can use the same URL used in the Home Page URL field.
    Oracle Version
    Select the Oracle version relevant for this instance.

    Set as Default
    The default instance is the system that is selected by default when launching the Panaya Testing Tool. The initial Oracle Applications system defined will be automatically set as default. Use this indicator to change the default instance in case multiple instances have been configured.
  6. When done, select Save Changes

To edit any of the fields, click on the pencil icon and then Save Changes