Where can I view the Test Evidence?

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To view Last Run Evidence (for a Step) 

  1. Open up a Test 
  2. Select the Steps tab
  3. Highlight a Step (1) and select Show Evidence (2)

    Depending on your screen resolution, you may see the Show Evidence button as shown below
  4. Click on the Script Viewer button to display a step by step viewer with easy step navigation

    Use the arrows to navigate between steps
    Click on the screenshot to enlarge

Previous Test Runs Evidence

You can also view the test runs history for a specific step - 

  1. Double click on a Step under the Steps tab
  2. Select the All Runs tab
  3. You can then view the test evidence for each run by clicking View under the Evidence column


Non-ERP  Annotation
If you used the Browser (IE, Chrome) or Other Applications recording option for various application types, your screenshots will include annotations as described here