Recorder & Player Local Installation
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Recorder & Player Local Installation

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Although Panaya always recommends using our Online Recorder & Player, certain circumstances may require its Local Installation version. Click here to learn how to install the Online Recorder & Player.

Why should you use a local Installation of the Panaya Recorder & Player?

  • Your organization does not allow users to download the Panaya Online Recorder & Player
  • You are using Google Chrome, but you are not permitted to download a ClickOnce extension
  • * was added to your whitelist/exceptions page, but security settings are preventing the Online Recorder & Player from working properly
  • Your Citrix/VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) environment is preventing the Online Recorder & Player from working properly
  • Your Citrix/VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) environment is being used by multiple Panaya users, requiring you to clear the Click-Once Cache folder repeatedly

What are the downsides of using a local Installation of the Panaya Recorder & Player?

  • The tool will not be automatically updated

How to install the Panaya Recorder & Player locally?
If you wish to use a Local Installation, please follow the steps in this article - Working with the Local Installation of the Panaya Recorder & Player.

  1. Once the Local Installation tool feature is enabled, you will be able to download it under Settings > Configuration
  2. Select Installer for the Test Player
  3. The PanayaTestPlayerSetup.msi installation file will be downloaded locally
  4. Run the PanayaTestPlayerSetup.msi file and follow the installation wizard. 


  • The MSI file can be deployed to all users by your IT administrator
  • Once deployed, the tool will not be automatically updated for all users. We recommend downloading and deploying the newest version once a month.
  • The PanayaTestPlayerSetup.msi package is a signed application that utilizes Sha-256 signature. The installation does not require administrator rights. 
  • Panaya must be added to trusted sites. Add * to the trusted sites in IE of the Citrix/VDI machine
  • To set up the Panaya Recorder or Player to work with Google Chrome/Edge, the installation of Panaya Recorder for Web Applications extension is required
  • Citrix and VM users - to capture screens with the Panaya recorder by multiple users who work on the same VM or Citrix machine, set the Chrome extension to work on silent mode

Any issues? 

  • Installation Error / No admin rights? Contact your IT Administrator for assistance
  • For other issues, please provide the error logs located under - <username>\AppData\Local\Temp when contacting Panaya Support
  • For issues when executing test activities - read this article