Quick Run
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Quick Run

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Watch this short video tutorial and learn about Panaya’s exciting Player capabilities, introducing the next level of test acceleration and automation

Quick Run allows you to execute your Quick Test script with an intuitive and easy-to-use test player. The Panaya test player will enable testers to perform tests seamlessly using various execution modes described below. 

To execute a Quick Run, you will need to Record a Quick Test script or Convert a previously executed test using the Run & Document method.


The Player


  • The Play button (1) will allow you to start the run
  • Use the Execution mode menu (2) to select your preferred execution mode to run the script
  • The navigation pane (3) displays the current Step number.
    Use the arrows to toggle between Steps
  • At the top left, you will find the initial Transaction Code to be executed
  • The player will display the Activity Overview (4) and Expected Results (5)


  • Use the Navigate (6) button to navigate to another location in the script quickly       
  • Click on the Show SAP (7) icon to bring your ERP System interface to the front 
  • The Stop button (8) will stop the run 
  • The Create Defect button (9) will allow you to create a defect
  • Use the Settings (10) to change the player settings


Did you know?

You can begin running the script from any Step

Running the Script

To execute a Quick Run -

  1. Select a Quick Test with a pre-recorded script. Quick Tests appear in the Tests list or tree view with this icon  
  2. Select the Planned Runs tab
  3. Select Quick Run to launch the Panaya player
  4. You will be able to view the following setup process performed by Panaya

If you cannot see the Quick Run button, it might be that the relevant Cycle has not been launched or that the cycle is set to "Regulated" and the QT is not flagged as reviewed.  In addition to this, make sure you have the proper user permissions.

Execution Modes

  1. You can select the desired Execution mode and click Play. You can also hit the Spacebar to begin the test.
  2. Select between 4 execution modes -

    Script Mode   
    Script mode will run the entire test from beginning to end. The player will only pause if the actual result is different from the expected, if an error is encountered, or in the case of a manual instruction or command.

    Section Mode  
    Section mode runs each transaction or application one after the other. You will need to press Play again to run the next section in the script. 
    Step Mode  
    Step mode performs all instructions currently displayed within the player. After each step is validated in Step mode, you can move on to the next step. If manual instructions or commands appear in the script - these will need to be passed or failed manually by the tester.

    Instruction Mode  
    Instruction mode allows you to follow every instruction performed one by one. The player will not continue to the next instruction until clicking the Play button again. 

Handling Errors

In cases where the actual result is not as expected, you will be able to select any of the options available below


  • Retry - Will allow you to run the instruction again
  • Performed manually -You can indicate that you have performed this instruction manually 
  • Skip and ignore - You can choose to ignore this instruction and skip to the next instruction in the step. Please note that if you use the ‘Smart Validation’ button in the script section, you can automatically disable all ignored or skipped instructions from the expected section to avoid these errors occurring again in the next runs
  • Skip and mark as error - You can select this option to indicate that you wish to continue with the run but still indicate that this is an error. Once you choose this option, you can continue to the next instruction. Keep in mind that this option will fail the step
  • Create a defect -This option will allow you to open a defect for the instruction with the error  
  • End the run - You can finish the run and discard the execution 

Once you select any of these options, the step will show the Skip icon indicating that this instruction had been skipped and ignored by the tester.


Report a Defect

You can report a defect by clicking the defect icon  . The defect page will open with the relevant data automatically populated. The defect is attached to the testing activity and can be assigned to a project member. You can also edit and add comments in the activity tab.

Click here to learn How to Report A Defect 

End Run & Report Results

When you have completed the test execution, you can select from the following options results - 

  • Run Status
    Select whether the test has passed or failed
  • Save
    Allows you to save the current run. You can add a comment about the outcome of the test run and then Save it
  • Back to Run
    You can go back and view the execution details. The player will allow you to re-execute the entire script or from any particular step using the same or a different execution mode
  • Discard Run
    You can use this option if you would like to discard and cancel the test run. The test run details will not be saved and cannot be recovered


Manually Passing or Failing a Step

You can Pass or Fail the Step Manually without actually performing the activity.
If you select this option, all remaining instructions in the Step will be ignored

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