Recorder & Player Local Installation
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Recorder & Player Local Installation

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Article summary

Although Panaya always recommends using our Online Recorder & Player, certain circumstances may require its Local Installation version. Click here to learn how to install the Online Recorder & Player.

Why should you use a local Installation of the Panaya Recorder & Player?

  • Your organization does not allow users to download the Panaya Online Recorder & Player
  • You are using Google Chrome, but you are not permitted to download a ClickOnce extension
  • * was added to your whitelist/exceptions page, but security settings are preventing the Online Recorder & Player from working properly
  • Your Citrix/VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) environment is preventing the Online Recorder & Player from working properly
  • Your Citrix/VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) environment is being used by multiple Panaya users, requiring you to clear the Click-Once Cache folder repeatedly

What are the downsides of using a local Installation of the Panaya Recorder & Player?

  • The tool will not be automatically updated

How to install the Panaya Recorder & Player locally?
If you wish to use a Local Installation, please follow the steps in this article - Working with the Local Installation of the Panaya Recorder & Player.

  1. First,  enable your user to use the Local Installation tool, per the steps in this article.
  2. Once the Local Installation tool feature is enabled, you will be able to download it under Settings > Configuration
  3. Select Installer for the Test Player
  4. The PanayaTestPlayerSetup.msi installation file will be downloaded locally
  5. Run the PanayaTestPlayerSetup.msi file and follow the installation wizard. 


  • The MSI file can be deployed to all users by your IT administrator
  • Once deployed, the tool will not be automatically updated for all users. We recommend downloading and deploying the newest version once a month.
  • The PanayaTestPlayerSetup.msi package is a signed application that utilizes Sha-256 signature. The installation does not require administrator rights. 
  • Panaya must be added to trusted sites. Add * to the trusted sites in IE of the Citrix/VDI machine
  • To set up the Panaya Recorder or Player to work with Google Chrome/Edge, the installation of Panaya Recorder for Web Applications extension is required. The installation
         directory of the PanayaWebRecorderChromeInstallation.exe is under the logged in user's AppData/Roaming folder. Installing it in other locations is not currently supported.

Any issues? 

  • Installation Error / No admin rights? Contact your IT Administrator for assistance
  • For other issues, please provide the error logs located under - <username>\AppData\Local\Temp when contacting Panaya Support
  • For issues when executing test activities - read this article