The Systems View
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The Systems View

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To navigate to the Systems View - 

  1. Use the Menu button to select a System

System Snapshot

The first report shows a snapshot of your ERP system, including its relative size alongside object-related info. Panaya displays all the information you need to compare your system with other ERPs out there.
Learn more about how we calculate the system size

Take a look at the Analyzed Objects and - 

  • Filter by Origin (1) - Standard, Custom, or 3rd Party
  • Change the bar graph (2) to display the objects by their Type, Module, Origin, or Package
  • Group by Usage Level (3) or by Origin to change the color legend to reflect the object that origin from Standard, Custom, or 3rd Party code


Click on any section in a bar to drill down to the list of objects

Use the legend to eliminate Objects by Usage or Origin

Good to Know!

In the System snapshot bar chart, only custom Security Roles with active usage appear.  This eliminates visual distractions when a large number of auto-generated security roles are unused.

However, the complete snapshot inventory includes a broader set of custom security roles, including all roles with at least one user attached (including both used and unused roles).

Object List

To view all objects, click on See Object List.
You can also click on any section in the bar graph to drill down to the list of filtered objects

  • To sort by column, click on the column header (1)
  • For advanced filtering options, click on the filtering icon(2) for each column
  • Use the Export to Excel (3) option to export your filtered list

System Fitness State

This helps you understand and determine your system readiness for future changes by comparing your system with other similar systems in the market (based on over 5,000 ERP systems analyzed by Panaya). 

Using all the parameters of your system plus the status of your custom code, Panaya can give you a System Fitness State (indicating how well prepared your ERP is for future changes).


Satellite Systems

Learn more about the Sattelite Systems view

Test Assets

Do you have a new project? Do you know who is already trained to use Panaya and can help you ramp up other users? Do you need a Panaya champion for your projects?   

Panaya Test Assets will show you:

  • Who are the top Panaya users in your organization, ranked by the number of tests they run across projects
  • The number of tests created in Panaya and their level of utilization
  • The transactions/objects which are already covered by tests


Change Stream

Presents a timeline-based view of all system changes, nature, and volume. In addition, it provides meaningful insights for upcoming changes and the ability to leverage Panaya’s services.

You can zoom in to the graph by clicking and dragging to cover an area

Click on the graph bars to reveal more details below

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