Entity Distribution Widget
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Entity Distribution Widget

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Article Summary

The Entity Distribution Widget displays the distribution of items (Tests, Defects, Corrections, or Requirements) in a view, grouped by a given field.
The widget will show the sum of activities as well as the percentage of the total.

Click on to enlarge the widget

Drill Down to Lists

Users can click on the pie pieces to drill down to a list of items.

Widget setup

To edit the widget -

  1. Click on and then select Edit 
  2. Here is what you can define in the widget setup 
  • Title
  • Sub Title
  • Module - Tests, Defects, Corrections or Requirements / Features
    Select the Module first, to populate the available Views
  • View - you can select from predefined views for Tests, Defects, Corrections, or Requirements / Features
    And you can also create your own customized filtered view.
  • Grouped By - Select a field to group the display by. Supported field types (default or custom) are - Drop-Down, Text, and User