Intelligent Code Remediation (ICR)
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Intelligent Code Remediation (ICR)

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Article summary

Panaya's Intelligent Code Remediation solution allows developers to safely automate ABAP fixes by analyzing your custom code and suggesting immediate fixes.
The Code Remediation Workspace is where you can review and resolve cloned programs and obsolete function issues with a click of a button. And with another click, you can deploy these changes to your development systems.

The Code Remediation Workspace is where you can - 

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Reviewing Issues

To open up the Code Remediation Workspace

  1. Select to view all Issues in a list
  2. Click on the details to open up the Issue
  3. Use the main navigation, or the Issues List, to navigate between Issues.
  4. Click on the select columns button to add columns to the Issues List. 

You can expand or collapse your view.


Accepting Suggested Fixes

  1. If an automatic fix is available, you will see it highlighted in green.
  2. Click on Accept Suggested Fix  button to apply the fix to the code on the left.
    Panaya will not deploy changes to your development system until you submit them.
    For multiple suggested fixes in the same program, it is highly recommended that you accept all suggested fixes. Accepting only part of the suggested fixes in the same program may result in syntax errors.
  3. The fix will then be set to Waiting for Submit.
  4. You can select multiple Issues from the Issues List, then click on Accept Suggeted Fixes to accept them all.
  5. Then select the new status and click on Update Entities.


Submitting Accepted Fixes 

To submit the accepted fixes to your SAP development system - 

  1. Click on Submit Changes
  2. Review the fixes and click on Approve Submit
  3. Once submitted, the status of the fixes will be automatically set to Closed
    Read here about the client-side Installation for our Code Remediation Synchronizer.

    Not ready to submit?
    To manually update the status of one or more Issues, use the Edit button in the Issues List.