August 2022 Release Notes
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August 2022 Release Notes

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Test Management & Execution

Regulated Cycles

Our team made some important updates to our regulatory compliance support.
Users can no longer add, edit or delete test attachments for signed tests.
Users can no longer add, edit or delete step-level attachments for signed steps.

Rerunning Automation Playlist

The Rerun button now provides two options - 

  • Rerun failed runs (#)
    This option displays the number of failed planned runs in a selected playlist. Selecting this option will generate a new playlist containing the failed planned runs.
  • Rerun entire playlist
    This option will execute a replica of the selected playlist with all planned runs. 

Additionally, we renamed the Test Result column to Run Results. 

Impact Analysis

Correction List Enhanced Filtering

Many correction list filters, like Title, Object name, and Main programs, now have selectable value options - Contains, Not Contains, Starts/Ends with, and Empty/Not empty.

Impact Analysis for SAP

  • SP Notes in Test List
    A new SP Notes column appears in the Test list, displaying the number of notes associated with each test. This column is clickable so that you can drill down to the Impact Analysis tab in your tests.

Panaya for SAP S/4HANA

Unit Tests for Fiori

Our analysis now generates unit tests for all custom Fiori apps using ODATA related to RFC.

Consistency Checks - Runtime Failures

We have improved how we handle simplification item failure. After five failures, Panaya will generate new dedicated correction activities for fixing the error and re-running the simplification item.

Panaya ForeSight

Salesforce CPQ Analysis

ForeSight now supports Salesforce CPQ configuration data impact analysis.

The new feature includes three main capabilities - 

  • Impact Analysis for CPQ components using the Search and Analyze
  • Use the Free Text Search to find occurrences of keywords within the CPQ configuration data
  • Integration with the Test Management so you can easily create or link relevant tests based on the Impact Analysis results.

Contact to enable this feature.