Broadcasting a Message
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Broadcasting a Message

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Article summary

You will find the new button in the Development, Requirement, Test, Defect, and Correction lists. 

  • Add a broadcast message to multiple activities 
  • Initiate an email notification to owners
  • Broadcast messages will appear as comments 
  • Use @ to mention specific users 

To be able to Broadcast messages, users should be assigned with the Mass Edit permission for the specific activity type (Requirements, Tests, Defects, or Corrections

To broadcast a message

  1. Select one or more activities from the list
  2. Click on the Broadcast button
  3. Type the message. You can use @ to mention specific users
  4. Click on Broadcast
    Your message will be saved as a comment for each of the selected activities

Good to Know!

  • The Broadcast message will Initiate an email notification to owners as well as any additional users specifically mentioned (using @)

For users to receive email notifications from Panaya, verify that the "Notify on activity assignments" option is selected in the user profile.