Analyzed Salesforce Components
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Analyzed Salesforce Components

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Article summary

The following Salesforce Components can be extracted and analyzed - 

  • Apex Class
  • Apex Trigger
  • Approval Process
  • Assignment Rule Entry
  • Assignment Rules
  • Aura Component App
  • Aura Components (Aura Bundle)
  • Connected App
  • Custom Labels
  • Custom Metadata
  • Custom Settings
  • Dashboard*
  • Default Values in Fields
  • Email Templates
  • Field Set
  • Fields - Standard, Custom (Any type - including Formulas, Picklists, and more) 
  • Flows
  • Global Value Set
  • Global Value Set Value
  • Lead Convert
  • Lightning Page (FlexiPage)
  • Lightning Web Components (LWC)
  • Lookup Filters in Fields
  • Mini Page Layout*
  • Object
  • Page Layouts*
  • Picklist Value
  • Process Builder
  • Profiles
  • Queues - shows analysis for Apex Class, Approval Process, Assignment Rule, Custom Setting, Flow, Formula Field, Label, Process Builder, Validation Rule
    • Custom Object as Impacted Component, Apex Class and Apex Triggers as Impacting Components when referenced in SOQL
  • Quick Actions - shows analysis for Directly Impacted Page Layouts and Lightning Pages, and Directly Impacting Objects, Fields, Flows, Arura Components, Visualforce Pages
  • Record Type
  • Remote Site Settings **
  • Report Type
  • Reports*
  • Static Resources
  • Validation Rules
  • Visualforce Components
  • Visualforce Page
  • WebLink (Button)
  • Workflow Email Alert
  • Workflow Fields Update
  • Workflow Outbound Message
  • Workflow Rule
  • Workflow Task

* If you set your authentication to collect metadata for components maintained in Production, Panaya will retrieve the metadata version for these component types from Production, if their Last Modified Date is later than the same component in Sandbox.

** Only available in the All Components view with no Impact Analysis, and in the Free Text Search