Jira & Panaya Testing Integration plugin setup
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Jira & Panaya Testing Integration plugin setup

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Article summary

Panaya offers a built-in Jira plugin that automatically syncs Jira Issues to Panaya Requirements and allows tracking of the Panaya testing progress from the Jira.


How to use the plugin
Review an example of how to use the plugin for integration after the setup is completed.

Getting the plugin

Download the Panaya Jira Plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace


Account level configuration

Once the app exists in your Jira, you need to link it to your Panaya account.

In Jira, under the Apps menu, select “Manage your apps”, and then expand the “Panaya For JIRA” app, and click “Configure”.

In the configuration screen shown below, please enter a user assigned to your account that has “API User” privileges, and also enter the Panaya access token and your Region US or EMEA (US for my.panaya.com accounts / EMEA for emea.panaya.com accounts).

For details on how to obtain the token, check out this article.

The API User is case sensitive, it must be set exactly the same way it is maintained in Panaya User Management, or it will lock the user.

Project level configuration

Once the account level configuration is done, you can proceed with the Project level configuration.

In Jira, in the main project page, click “Project Settings”, and in the settings menu, select the “Apps” submenu and then “Panaya Integration”.


In the Panaya integration setting screen, you need to choose the Panaya project, in which the Jira issues will be created as Panaya requirements, and where the testing will be done.

You can select which Issue Types the Panaya requirements will be created for, and also which issue statuses trigger the requirement creation.