Setting Tests as Reviewed
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Setting Tests as Reviewed

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The Reviewed / Not Reviewed option lets you set tests as Reviewed when planning your cycles or review actual test execution documentation when cycles are already launched.
If you are already in the Execution stages - Watch the video and learn how to quickly Review test evidence and set activities as Reviewed


Setting a Test as Reviewed

  1. Open up a Test or a Quick Test
  2. Select the General tab and set the Test as Reviewed


You can activate e-signature to allow reviewing and signing tests as well as e-sign test runs


The Project Dashboard & Summary Tab

Use the Project Dashboard and Cycle Summary Tab in the Tests Tree view to track the progress of Reviewed and Not Reviewed Tests and Quick Tests.

Project Dashboard

For a Cycles in Planning, you can also see how many tests have been Reviewed. Click on the numbers to open up a filtered list.

Cycle Summary Tab

From within a Project - 

  1. Hover over the Tests tab and select Test Tree
  2. Highlight any Cycle (1) and select the Summary tab (2)
  3. Now highlight another Cycle, the Summary tab will be kept selected


For Regulated systems, you can view the Reviewer and a timestamp 
To add these columns to your Test List view, use the Select Columns button.