Installing the ABAP program
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Installing the ABAP program

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Article summary

The following article explains how to create a new development class, an executable ABAP program, and a new transaction in SAP.

Creating a New Development Class

Create a new Development class for the Panaya ABAP program -
  1. Start Transaction SE80
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the Object Type Development class / Package.
  3. Type the Development class/package name ZPANAYA and press Enter.
  4. Press Yes to create a new development class/package.
  5. Select a transport layer and press Save.

Creating an Executable ABAP program

  1. Start transaction SE38
  2. Type the program name in the Program field and press Create.
  3. Enter the program name as Title, set the Type as Executable program, and press Enter or Save.
  4. When prompted for Development class/package, select the Development class/package ZPANAYA and press Save.
  5. If prompted for a change request, enter a workbench change request or create one.
  6. Press the button above the editor or choose from the menu:
    Utilities > More Utilities > Upload / Download > Upload
  7. Choose the appropriate text file that you saved and press Open.
  8.  Activate the program by pressing the button or choosing from the menu Program > Activate

Creating a transaction 

  1. Start transaction SE93
  2. Type the transaction name in the  Transaction code field and select Create
  3. Enter a description in the Short text field
  4. From the Start object list, select the second option, Program and selection screen (report transaction), and press Enter or select Continue
  5. Update the relevant program name in the Program field -

    ZPANAYA_EXTRACT_PROG_LIB (for Panaya Code Extractor)
    ZPANAYA_RECORD_SCENARIO (for Panaya Testing Tool)
    ZPANAYA_EXPORT_CRS (for Release Dynamix Synchronizer)

    then press Enter or select Save
  6. When prompted for development class/package, choose ZPANAYA and press Save
  7. If prompted for a change request, enter a workbench change request or create a new one