Authenticating via API with an Access Token
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Authenticating via API with an Access Token

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To login to Panaya via API- 

  1. Create your access token (Recommended) - Select this option if your organization uses SSO to log in to Panaya.
    Alternatively, you can log in via API with a username and password (this option is not available for organizations using SSO to log in to Panaya).
  2. Use the below HTTP call to complete the authentication and receive a response token.

    Panaya URL - or

    For the following tabs - 
  • Authorization
  • Header  
  • Tests 
    var jsonData = JSON.parse(responseBody);
    postman.setEnvironmentVariable("token", jsonData.token);
    username{your Panaya login email}
    token{your Panaya token}

    After clicking Post, you should then receive a unique session token.

    You should also be able to view the token assigned to the variable (as defined in Step 2 - Postman Setup) by clicking on
    the Environment quick look icon.

Good to know!
The response token is valid for 1 hour and used for all API calls

The username is case sensitive, it must be set the same way it is maintained in Panaya User Management.