Recorder & Player Authorizations
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Recorder & Player Authorizations

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Article Summary

The minimum authorizations needed for running the Panaya Recorder & Player are as follows:

  1. Object S_TCODE
    a.Value ZP_RECORD
  2. Object S_ADMI_FCD (System Authorizations)
    a.S_ADMI_FCD (System administration function) – ‘PADM’ (Process administration using trans. SM04, SM50)

    • This authorization is required for - 
    • Locking/unlocking the running process in SAP. This is mandatory for using the Panaya Testing Tool for SAP since it ensures that the process log will contain only the recorded process data.
    • Solution manager functionality (SOLAR data)
    • Other specific scenarios for retrieving usage data, users list, etc. (sm04)

  3. Object  S_DATASET (Authorization for File Access)
    a.ACTVT (Activity) – *
    b.FILENAME (Physical file name) – *
    c.PROGRAM (ABAP program name) – * or ZPANAYA_RECORD_SCENARIO
  4. Object S_LOG_COM (Authorization to Execute Logical Operating System Commands)
    a.COMMAND (Logical command name) – ‘ZZ_COMPRESS’
    b.HOST (R/3 System, name of application) – *
    c.OPSYSTEM (R/3 System, operating system of) – *
  5. Object  S_PROGRAM (ABAP: Program Run Checks)
    a.P_ACTION (User action ABAP/4 program ) – BTCSUBMIT, SUBMIT, VARIANT
    b.P_GROUP (Authorization group ABAP/4 program) – * or Authorization group assigned to ZPANAYA_RECORD_SCENARIO program
  6. Object S_GUI (Authorization for GUI activities)
    a.ACTVT (Activity) – 61 (Export)
    Note - This authorization is required only in versions 4.7 and higher.
  7. Object S_C_FUNCT (C calls in ABAP programs)
    a.ACTVT (Activity) – 16 (Execute)
    b.CFUNCNAME (Name of CALLable C routine) – *
    c.PROGRAM (Program Name with Search Help) – ZPANAYA_RECORD_SCENARIO
For more information, take a look at our Testing Tool installation guide.