All Components view
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All Components view

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The All Components view provides an inventory of all the components that have been mapped in your authenticated Salesforce Org.

  • Hover over the Overview tab and select All Components to display the List view as well as the details listed below:

List Fields

  • Active - Yes/No, relates to components that can be set to Active in the Salesforce org
  • API Name
  • Component Name
  • Description
  • Extracted From Sandbox/Production
    Click here to learn how to authenticate your Production org
  • Impacted Components - The number of components that are referencing each item, directly and indirectly
  • Impacting Components - The number of components that are referenced by each item, directly and indirectly
  • Last Used
  • Namespace
  • Origin (Customer, Salesforce Standard, Other)
  • Package - the name of the package (custom or 3rd party) associated with the component
  • Path
  • Production Last Modified (Date)
  • Production Last Modified By (User)
  • Sandbox Last Modified (Date)
  • Sandbox Last Modified By (User)
  • Type
  • Usage

Working with the list view

Use the Select Columns button to add or remove columns from the list

Good to Know!

Panaya supports displaying components in Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience.

Use Case Tips

Use the filters to quickly identify Technical Debt candidates for cleanup

  • Impacted/Impacting Components - filter on Min/Max = 0 to find all the components without any upstream or downstream dependencies, hence no dependency impact risk when deprecating
  • Active - select Type = Process Builder and Active = No to find Inactive versions of the Automations
  • Usage - filter on Unused to find all the components for which Usage is collected that may not be relevant to the business
  • Component Name - filter on Component Name Contains <deprecated> or any other naming convention used to identify a component already tagged as technical debt
  • Package - filter components on associated Packages that may no longer be used