Covered Objects and File Types
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Covered Objects and File Types

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This article is applicable for your Panaya Impact Analysis projects

Object Types Covered

  • Alerts
  • BI / XML Publisher
  • Concurrent Procedure/Program/Process - A scheduled process that runs a DB stored procedure (Mainly Package)
  • Concurrent Report - A scheduled process running an Oracle report (*.rdf )
  • Discoverer Reports – including folders, functions, documents.  Custom folders not covered
  • Fast Formulas
  • Flexfields -  Value sets are analyzed, but defaulting rules are not analyzed
  • Forms -> *.fmb files, custom.pll, personalizations
  • Framework -> *.xml is covered.  *.class is covered for Patches, but not covered for Upgrades  *.css, *.jsp and *.java (Java files) are not covered. Framework personalizations are not covered.
  • Functions
  • iStore/iExpense/iPayment application changes, including analysis of both custom framework functions as well as custom framework XML objects.  We do not currently support Framework personalizations and non-framework java objects.
  • Packages
  • Procedures
  • Profile options
  • Reports -> *.rdf files.  We analyze all of the RDF including the data model queries and the PLSQL triggers that exist in the reports
  • Shell Scripts-> *.sh files, *.prog files  (covered when linked to application concurrent setup)
  • SQL Scripts -> *.sql files  (covered when linked to application concurrent setup)
  • Triggers
  • Value Sets
  • Views & Materialized Views
  • Workflows
For FMB, RDF, PLL, and all host scripts:
  • The source code file location is critical
  • Panaya only analyzes these code objects when they are registered correctly in the Apps Developer, and the source code appears in the custom TOP folder for the registered custom application module. 
  • Panaya does not analyze unregistered custom objects for these object types.
  • Panaya does not analyze custom objects if they appear in a folder other than the custom TOP folder designated in the Apps Developer registration

Object Types Not Covered

  • Concurrent Java Programs
  • Binary compiled files
  • Custom synonyms on standard objects
  • Custom tables
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Global attributes in 11i that will be used in R12 by Oracle Localizations 
  • Forms with customizable tabs - examples: IEXCUTM1.fmb and IEXCUTM2.fmb files (see MOS Note ID 807053.1, These files are stored under $AU_TOP/forms/US dir) 
  • Functional Setups
  • Lookup Types
  • Menus
  • Quality module (SQL appearing in Quality forms)
  • Self-service personalizations
  • Oracle Acquisitions / Tools - mapped in the System Overview, Unit Test tasks are created, but no analysis of the code to create code correction tasks. e.g. Logical Apps, APEX, Demantra, Agile, Hyperion, Oracle Portal, Retek
  • BPEL
  • Fusion
  • SoA
  • ADF

Areas not covered with standard analysis, but analysis methodology is available

  • BI interfaces
  • Customizations to Oracle Standard (seeded) objects, without object name change
  • DB Links
  • External Systems
  • Java solutions (java classes and java jsp)
  • SQL*Loader (CTL-control file) 

Special Analysis Tools available to manage changes in these areas:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Custom Tables
  • Custom Views