Installing the Simplification Item (SI) Report
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Installing the Simplification Item (SI) Report

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This article explains how to install the Simplification Item (SI) Report.

Before you proceed with the below instructions, install the latest version of these notes.
The following notes must be installed on both your checked system and the Production system.
Panaya strongly recommends installing the most up-to-date versions of the notes.

  • Required
    • 2399707 *- Simplification Item Check 
    • 2502552 *- S4TC - SAP S/4HANA Conversion & Upgrade New Simplification Item Checks

      *  These notes and the Simplification Item Catalog should be installed and updated to its latest version. In case the conversion process has begun and you have finalized your Development system, these notes versions and the development (checked system) should be frozen.
  • Recommended
    • 2678215 - Poor Performance in RUN_S4H_SIF_CHECK_INIT using Oracle DB
    • 2646649 - Performance improvements of generated methods of class CLS4SIC_MM_IM_SI1
    • 2753888 - Increase Precheck performance: skip KALNR-check (class CLS4SIC_MM_IM_SI1)
    • 2964871 - High memory consumption in CLS4SIC_LO_MD_BP


What systems should be installed with the SI?

The SI should be installed on the checked system (The one running the ETL Extractor) and the productive system.

See also

Downloading the Simplification Database

There are 2 methods to download the Simplification Item Catalog

Method 1

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select your preferred version of the Product
  3. Click on to download the catalog


Method 2

  1. Navigate to SAP Software Download Center
  2. Download CCMSIDB
  3. Select the relevant ZIP file and click on Download Basket


Method 3

  1. Start transaction SE38 and execute program /SDF/RC_START_CHECK
  2. Click on Download Latest Simplification Item Catalog

Importing the Simplification Database

  1. Start transaction SE38 and execute program /SDF/RC_START_CHECK
  2. Select to Upload Simplification Item Catalog
  3. Select the ZIP downloaded in the previous steps

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