Importing Tests From Another Project with Tree Selection
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Importing Tests From Another Project with Tree Selection

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Article summary

When importing Tests and Quick Tests from another project, you can select to import one or multiple tests. You can also import an entire Cycle, Folder, or Business Process. Test cases can be imported from another System or Account where applicable. 
The copied Tests will not include previous run evidence

To import Tests and/or Quick Tests from another project using Tree Selection
  1. From within a Project - Hover over the Tests tab and then Test Tree
  2. Right-click on the relevant node in the tree structure, where you wish imported tests to appear
    Select Import and then Import from Another Project
  3. Select the Tree Selection and click Next
    You can also import using an Excel File or Free Search
  4. Select the source Account and System (where applicable), then select the Project to import from. You will then be able to select specific Tests or Quick Tests. You can also select to import the entire Project, Cycle, Folder, or Business Process.
    Upon completion, click Next and then Submit. 

Importing Rules

You can only import according to the rules of the tree structure.

For example -

  • A cycle can be imported into a project
  • A business process or folder can be imported into a cycle
  • A folder can be imported into another folder

Custom Fields Import
 If you wish custom fields values to be imported, you will need to first define these custom fields in the target project