How to record a new test (scenario) with myTest for QC?

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The Record Test feature allows the generation of a new Test Plan instance (Test Scenario). The new instance will be available in HP ALM (QC) under a folder that was set by your administrator (typically Panaya > New Recordings).

  1. Log in to myTest for HPQC
  2. Log in to your ERP system
  3. Select Record Test to initiate scenario recording
  4. Select the relevant Panaya project from the drop down list, and click OK
  5. Give your scenario a meaningful Name and Description
  6. Select whether you wish to capture your ERP system or Other applications.
    Click here to learn more about capturing Non-ERP systems.
  7. When you are ready to begin the recording, hit Record
    The recorder will then capture all the activities performed in your ERP system, so perform all steps of the business process.

Recording Options
The recorder gives you the option of adding notes, recording a step from a different application and generating a defect

  • Note
    If you would like to add test evidence notes during the process, click on the Notes button   in order to include these notes as part of your test evidence. The notes are attached to the activity. 
  • Add a step from a different application
    If you would like to add a step based on an activity outside of the ERP system, then you can use the Add Manual Step button . At this point, you can either choose an application from where you would like to capture a screenshot, or alternatively, insert a step without a screenshot.
  • Defect
    If you come across a defect during capturing, you can report it immediately by clicking on the Defect button.
    You can then select the Defect Status, add a SummaryAssign the defect to a user etc.
    screenshot is automatically attached - you can view it by scrolling down and selecting Open. This is where you can also attach other files or screenshots.

Finish Recording

  1. When you have completed the business process, click Stop  to end the recording.
  2. Select whether you wish to Save or Discard the recording.
  3. Once saved, Panaya will automatically analyze and compile the scenario ready for use in your HP ALM (QC) project.
    It will be saved in the HP ALM Test Plan, under a folder that was set by your administrator (typically Panaya > New Recordings).