Testing APIs
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Testing APIs

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Article summary

Panaya provides powerful API capabilities that make it easy to extend Panaya's solution and integrate it with other testing and defect management tools already existing in your organization.
This document describes all supported entities and the available functions.

Get an API Key from Panaya

All API functions will require an initial Login for the duration of the API session. Upon login, you will be given a temporary token.
Sessions will expire within 15 minutes of idle time.


Supported Entities

  • Transaction API
    Send transaction name and receive the transaction test priority, according to Panaya’s Impact Analysis
  • Cycles API
    Retrieve and manage Cycles metadata
  • Folder API
    Retrieve and manage Folder metadata
  • Business Process API
    Retrieve and manage Business Process metadata
  • Test API
    Retrieve and manage Test metadata
  • Test Step API
    Retrieve and manage Step metadata
  • Step Run API
    Retrieve and manage Step Run details
  • Defect API
    Retrieve and manage Defects
  • Requirements API
    Retrieve and manage requirements metadata


Available Functions

  • Get all – retrieves all entity details
  • Get – retrieves specific entity details
  • Post – Create a new entity
  • Put – Edit existing entity