Running the HANA SAP Code Inspector
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Running the HANA SAP Code Inspector

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Article Summary

Step 1 - Create an Object Set 

This step will create a new Object Set. If you have previously configured the Object Set, you can continue to Step 2.
This step also explains how to update the Object Set include new packages.

  1. In SAP, execute the SCI transaction

    * Be sure to use the "Local" option for both Inspection and Object Set like shown below:

  2. In the Object Set Name field, type - ZPANAYA_SELECTION_OBJECTS and then Create

  3. Give the Object Set a Description (e.g., Selection Object to Check)
  4. In the Object Selection area, check the following:
    Class/Interface, Function group, Program, Web Dynpro Component, Dictionary Type, Type Group
  5. For the Package field, select the Multiple Selection button
  6. Type the single values Y*, Z* any other namespace 
  7. Select to Execute
  8. Click Save and go back (F3) to the Code Inspector: Initial Screen


Step 2 - Create Inspections

  1. In the Inspection Name field, type - ZPANAYA_FUNCTIONAL_DB_ADDITION and then Create
  2. Give the Inspection a Description (e.g., SCI Run for HANA Function DB Checks)
  3. Select the Object Set field and click on
  4. Double Click the Object Set from the list
  5. Select the Check Variant field and click on
  6. Select FUNCTIONAL_DB_ADDITION from the list
  7. Click Save
  8. Select to Execute
  9. Select Server Group
  10. Select the Server Group Name from the list
  11. Select In Background (Periodically also)
  12. Click  
  13. Define the Start Time and then Check

Repeat Step 2 for the PERFORMANCE_DB  Variant.
If you are NOT migrating to S/4HANA and are not on S4/HANA, repeat step 2 for the FUNCTIONAL_DB variant.