ForeSight Academy - Use Case Tutorials
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ForeSight Academy - Use Case Tutorials

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Article summary

ForeSight Academy is a YouTube Playlist with bite-size video tutorials on how to resolve specific day to day Salesforce use cases, capabilities, and best practices using ForeSight.

Remove Technical Debt with ForeSight

Cleanup your org with several ways of identifying candidates for Technical Debt.

Plan a change to a Salesforce Component

Understand in advance the full impact of a change to a Salesforce component during the Planning stage.

Recognize the Impact of a Change to a Process Builder

Understand the impact of the change on automated processes like process builders so no business-critical processes get broken.

Identify  the Impact of a Code-Based Component

See if a pending change may impact a code-based comment and see exactly where the component is referenced within the code.

Deactivate a user in Salesforce Safely

Deactivate a user without negative impact on assignment rules, email alerts or approval processes.

Why can't I close my opportunity in Salesforce

Quickly resolve user tickets, like when a sales manager cannot progress the opportunity in the pipeline.

CPQ Quote Amount Change - Troubleshoot with ForeSight

Find the root cause of an issue in your CPQ system, such as an inconsistent quote amount.

Implement a New Product in Salesforce CPQ

Perform smart and effective planning of Salesforce CPQ implementations.

Enhanced Domains Migration

Update Salesforce URLs in code and automations and avoid broken links from October 2023

Migration to Salesforce Flow

Consolidate your Automations for Migration to Flow

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Panaya Impact Analysis for Salesforce Industries

Perform smart and effective planning of Salesforce Industries implementations.

Resolving Salesforce Errors with ForeSight AI

Use AI embedded in ForeSight to quickly resolve errors