Dynamic Graph View for SFDC Impact Analysis

The graph allows an immediate understanding of how components are impacting one another.

New! Multidimensional Impact Assessment

  • Click on any component and highlight its entire impact path 

  • A simple and clear color coding allows differentiating between the various component types.
    Click on the component type in the legend to narrow down the graph display.
  • Use the right-click on any component to find different actions that can help you review your analysis such as Assess Impact (Multidimensional Impact Assessment)view the component in Salesforce, view its source code and more.

  • Use filters to narrow down the visual display to only show the items you wish to focus on.
    Or use predefined view.

  • The left pane allows browsing between associated scoped items


Good to Know!
You can work in full screen mode to allow maximum space for you to assess the impact.

There is a limit of 1000 components that can be generated in the graph.

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