What are Migrated Roles?

Panaya's Roles & Permissions Console allows to define meaningful Roles (Tester, Developer etc.) for each user, that are not necessarily related to specific technical permission (mass edit, upload code etc.).

If you implemented Panaya in your organization before the introduction of our new Roles & Permissions Console, this article will help you understand which permissions are granted for each predefined Migrated Roles.

There are 5 Migrated Roles. These Roles do not appear in the Roles & Permissions Console and cannot be changed.
Users that have been assigned with the following Roles, will be granted the permissions in the table below. 

Standard User

Test Box upload
Test create
Test edit
Test import
Script create-edit-delete
Step create-edit-delete
Test Run edit-execute
Test Run retest
E-Signature sign
E-Signature remove
Defect create
Defect edit
Defect close
Correction create-edit
Correction mass-create
Release create
Release edit
Release delete
Test Cycle create
Test Cycle edit
Oracle Applications manage

 Mass Edit

Test delete
Test mass-edit
Test mass-delete
Defect mass-edit
Correction mass-edit
Test Cycle delete

 Upload Code

Code Box upload-ETL
Code Box upload-PTL

 Manage Users

Users create
Users edit

 Create/Edit Projects

Project create
Project edit
ERP Naming manage
Custom Fields manage