How to set users as Active / Inactive?

To disable a user from accessing Panaya, set the user as inactive
Deleting users is not possible due to security reasons.

Good to Know!
You can activate or deactivate users in bulk using the Import Users Wizard

  1. Click on the Settings button  to open up the settings panel
  2. Click on Users
  3. Select a user from the list
  4. Set the user as Active / Inactive

Good to know!

  • If you reached your users licenses limit, you may create new users and set them as Inactive
  • Active users with email ending with do not consume licenses

Contact Panaya Support for additional active users

An Inactive user will no longer have access to Panaya and will not be counted as a used user license. 


  • All previously performed activities by inactive users will remain in Panaya (such as Test runs and evidence, Defects detection etc.)
  • All assigned Tests, Test Steps, Defects and Corrections will remain assigned to inactive users. A notification will appear when launching the Cycle and the relevant Steps will appear as Blocked.

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