How to automatically deactivate users with no activity?

Panaya provides administrators the option to define the inactivity period that will trigger the deactivation of users.
Use automatic user deactivation to manage user statuses (active/inactive) based on your Panaya subscription and available licenses.  

To enable automatic user deactivation, contact Panaya Support

The following automatic email notification will be sent -

  • To users, 7 days prior to their deactivation
  • To deactivated users, immediately upon deactivation
  • To admins, including a list of deactivated users and users pending deactivation (weekly)

To set Auto Users Deactivation On / Off - 

  1. Click on the Settings button to open up the Settings panel
  2. Select Users
  3. Click on Auto Users Deactivation

  4. If Automatic Users Deactivation is Off, set it to On to view the configuration details
  5. Define the inactivity period that will trigger the deactivation of users.
    Automatic deactivation of users is performed every week and does not include users with the following roles -  Admin, Project ManagerAPI User.
    You can exclude specific users from being deactivated.
  6. Select which users should receive email notification about deactivating users
  7. Click Save

Good to Know!
To exclude specific users  from being deactivated, set the Auto user deactivation option in the user details panel to off.
By default, Auto user deactivation is set to On.