Errors when Connecting SAP GUI with Panaya

If you encounter any of the following messages when trying to connect your SAP GUI with Panaya

Follow the solution provided below.

  1. Go in the Options of the SAP GUI

    sap gui.png
  2. Select the Security folder and click on the Security Settings. Make sure the options allowed and customized are selected. 

  3. If the C:/ directory rule is set to action DENY, please change it to allow


    When you open the Security Configuration dialog you will find a numbered list of all existing security rules.
    Please approve/ enable write options for the rule of the C:/ object.
    See if the register line type for the C:/ object has an action of Deny.
    If so, approve this action for C:/ object.
    There could be objects from C:/ with an action of "Deny" and upon changing that to allow it should allow you to record.
  4. If the solution above doesn't work, please create a new rule as shown below using the blocked path in the error message you got. 
    enter image #4 add new rule

  5. After you have created the new rule, retry to connect your SAP GUI to Panaya