Testing Tool Troubleshooting & Guidelines (Recorder / Player)

If you encounter issues when working with the Panaya Web Application (Chrome, IE) option of the Panaya Testing Tool (Recorder and Player), read the below guidelines to try and solve the issue.

  • The recorder will not begin capturing until you click on the Record button.
    Please allow a few moments for the recorder to appear in its minimized view (shown below) before performing any further action.

    Then, open up a new tab in your browser and perform all activities in a new tab.
    Upon completion, stop the recording and close the tab used to perform the activities, to avoid having any further recordings include previous recorded screens.
  • Login screens are captured but will not be available for automatic playback. We recommend converting the instruction in the script to Manual in order for the user to manually login before performing the following activities. 
  • Web application can be recorded using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browsers only
  • All activities should be recorded in a single browser tab
  • All typed password will automatically appear as manual instructions in the recorded script 
  • Browser buttons are not captured (i.e. Back, Forward and Refresh buttons)
    Instead, you can paste the relevant URL in the browser, and, if the URL is different than the one currently appearing, the recorder will capture the new URL as a new instruction
  • Double click is not supported for Web Apps recordings
  • Keyboard strokes, when the cursor is not in any specific field will not be captured 
  • In cases where the player couldn't identify the element on the screen, the user should perform the activity manually and then select the Performed Manually option in the player. You can also use the script editing capabilities to remove any unnecessary instructions or replace such activities with a manual instruction or remove them altogether. 
  • All password in the script will require manual typing when using the player
  • Capturing Tables and Calendars is not fully supported. Specifically for when recording dates, enter the dates manually in the field instead of selecting them from the calendar pop up. Use the script editing capabilities to remove any unnecessary instructions or replace such activities with a manual instruction
  • Drop down activities, originally performed using the keyboard will not be automatically played. When recording, avoid using the keyboard for drop down menus and use the mouse instead.
  • The player does not support validating confirmation or error messages
  • When recording, use URLs with up to 255 characters
  • Disable Adblocker on Panaya site in Chrome/IE, as they can interfere with script execution on the browser