Player hangs on connecting and disconnecting from SAP GUI

You may have experienced a delay when the Panaya Testing Tool is trying to connect or disconnect from SAP GUI.
When connecting and disconnecting, the Panaya Testing Tool is downloading data from the SAP server to your client machine, which may take up to several minutes.
This can occur before recording begins, as well as when stopping the recording.

How can you verify the cause for the delay?
  1. Run Transaction SE16
  2. Pick any table with significant data (e.g. mara)
  3. Open the table data in order to view it by Table (Contents [F7] -> Execute [F8])
  4. In the ALV grid display, export the data to Excel and save it locally (ctrl+shift+F7)
    It is recommended to save the Excel file in the same directory where the Panaya Testing Tool is saving the Excel files (e.g. c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\PanayaPlayer\trace\)
  5. Generate an output file
    Now, verify that the output file is generated locally in less than 10 seconds.
    Longer wait times indicate a network connectivity issue. If this is the case, contact your Network Administrator.