I am experiencing Performance Issues

Performance issues can be very wide-ranging, so in order to assist you quickly and efficiently, please provide us with the relevant information that most closely resembles the issue you are having.

Good to Know!
Panaya recommends a minimum bandwidth of 20Mbps with less than 50ms latency to Panaya Server | Learn more

Panaya Testing Tool (Recorder and/or Player) Performance Issues

  • Are many other users currently experiencing this performance issue?
    If so, please follow these steps and provide the information to support 
  • Does your test include more than 100 steps?
    Our Test Recorder and Player work best with tests that include 50 steps or less. It is likely to experience performance issues when working with tests that include 100 steps or more. 

    If the tests have less than 100 steps and you are having issues recording, playing or saving,  please try these 3 simple steps to see if this improves the performance of the Panaya testing tool
    • Use a LAN cable to connect to the internet, instead of a wireless connection (Wifi)
    • Clear out the Click-Once cache
    • Check to see if the issue persists when executing a different test
  • Are you experiencing issues when connecting or disconnecting from your SAP GUI?
    Follow these steps to try and solve the issue
  • Are you trying to record an SAP transaction retrieving over 50 grid/table records including many columns with check-boxes and/or input boxes? Click here to learn how to solve this issue
  • If you are unable to troubleshoot the issue, follow these steps and provide the information to support 

Slow Page Load and/or Navigation

  • Are you experiencing slow browser page load when working with Panaya? For example - the Test, Defect or Requirement details page.
    If these issues persist longer than 30 minutes time, please follow these steps and provide the information to support 
  • Are you experiencing issues when navigation within a specific page or section in Panaya?
    Please provide the details of the specific page or section, including screenshots as well as the exact action your are trying to perform.
    We will also need your browser version

Logging in or Loading a Project

  • Are there other users in your organization or location experiencing issues when trying to log into Panaya or loading a Project?
    If this issue persist longer than 60 minutes time, please follow these steps and provide the information to support 
  • If the issues does not occur for other users -
    • Try to clear out your browser cache and temporary files
      Learn how - for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
    • Try to browse using private mode - InPrivate for Internet Explorer, Incognito for Google Chrome or Private mode for Mozilla Firefox