Which internet browsers are supported by Panaya?

Panaya complies with SOC2 resulting in the restriction of browsers to use TLS1.2 and above.
While Panaya can be accessed through various browsers, the following browsers are officially tested and supported -
  • Google Chrome (Recommended) 
  • Microsoft Edge based on Chromium
  • Microsoft Edge Classic
  • Internet Explorer* version 11

For the Panaya Recorder/Player(when capturing Web applications)

  • Google Chrome (Recording & Playback)
  • Microsoft Edge based on Chromium (Recording)
  • Internet Explorer* version 11 (Recording & Playback)

* Aligned with Microsoft's End-of-Support announcement, we are saying goodbye to Internet Explorer by discontinuing our support on August 1st2021


Are you using Google Chrome?



Are you using Microsoft Edge?

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