Slow Browser Page Load - Troubleshooting

In order to help Panaya Support in determining connectivity issues to the Panaya servers, please answer the questions below and follow the steps to provide us with the trace results. When you are complete, share the information with Panaya Support.

  • Add the below trace results when contacting Panaya Support 
  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on GO. Once the test is complete, take a screenshot and share with Panaya Support                
  3. Open Command Prompt window (Start > Run > cmd) and run one of the below commands - 
    tracert -h 15


    tracert -h 15 
  4. Save the output to a simple text file and share with Panaya Support
  5. Depending on the URL you use to login to Panaya, copy and paste one of the URLs below to your browser. Then share the displayed screen with Panaya Support.