Configuring a default user printer before extraction

It is recommended to setup a default printer before extracting your Custom Code.

If a default user printer is not configured in the SAP system on which you are trying to extract your Custom Code, the background print parameter screen will require additional input.

To define a default printer - 

  1. Log in to SAP GUI
  2. Run Transaction SU3
  3. In the Maintain User Profile screen, select the Defaults tab
  4. For the OutputDevice - click on the right side of the field so that the Pick List icon appear.
    Click on the Pick List icon
  5. The below screen will appear, click on the icon
  6. This will bring up a list of all of your available printers.
    The standard printer options are as follows - 
    Select OutputDeviceTo Print From
    Frontend PrinterSAP GUI (PC)
    Frontend Printer via MACSAP GUI (MAC)
    Frontend Printer via PDFSAP Portal
    Highlight the printer you wish to use as a default printer and click on the  icon
  7. In the Maintain User Profile screen, for the Defaults tab, check the Output Immediately option

Good to know!
Whenever you need to remove your default printer, highlight the OutputDevice and delete it