How to upload a patch extract larger than 2GB / Controlled Release Patches?

This information is relevant for both Patches and Upgrade Projects and Release Dynamix Risk and Impact Analysis
Use the solution described below - 
  • If you Patches extract exceeds 2GB file size
  • If you are downloading Oracle Patches under Controlled Release
  1. Add an additional size parameter to the java command as follows:
    java -jar panaya-ptl-extractor.jar <APPS password> <Patches directory> <–size=200000000>
  2. Run the extractor using the new command line
  3. Upload the modified Patches extract file back to Panaya, as explained here


  • You can adjust the size value to meet your requirements 
  • The size parameter is only valid for each single patch
  • The Patches extract file size should not exceed 2GB in total

    i.e. If you execute the code for 10 patches, the size parameter will remove each patch up to 200mb and therefore the total size of the Patches extract file will be significantly lower than 2GB.
Why shouldn't I use the size parameter?
It is always preferable to analyze your specific patch files to avoid errors or failures due to slightly different patches or password protection. However, for large files, we can download them from Oracle and use these files in the analysis to avoid errors due to patch extraction files that are too large to process.