Custom code file does not contain any SAP S/4 HANA readiness checks issues

Issue Description

  • You are running a remote ATC Check as described in this article.  However, when you upload the custom code file to Panaya, it fails the validation process due to no HANA readiness checks issues being included with the custom code file.  
  • The Panaya Custom Code extraction job log indicates that there were very few Hana ATC conversion check issues found.

Suggested Solution

  1. Go to your ATC Run Monitor and review the execution results and Check Failures.
  2. Click on the "Check Failures" number value, and on the next screen, you should be able to see the different categories and their failure types, as well as any missing prerequisites that should resolve those failures.
  3. Fix the failures and run the ATC Check once more.
  4. Review the results and verify that the failures are no longer occurring. Then, run the Panaya extraction once more by pointing to the latest ATC run results, as detailed here
  5. Upload the resulting extraction file to Panaya Code Box.