How to troubleshoot Tosca Automation configuration?

Before you can use Panaya Test Center to play Tosca automation playlists, you will need to perform the following - 

Enable DokuSnapper
In order to be able to capture the execution evidence, you will need to enable DokuSnapper From within Tosca -

  1. Click on Projects
  2. Select Settings
  3. From the tree view, expand Settings and then Engine - DokuSnapper
  4. Set Enable Snapper to Yes

Verify Workspace Path
From within Tosca - verify that the same workspace path appears both in Tosca and in Panaya Test Center.
In Panaya Test Center, the Workspace path appears for each Test under the General tab - scroll down to the Tricentis Tosca Automation Details section.
It is highly recommended to navigate to this path location and execute one of the test cases.

Close Tosca Commander
When executing automation playlist from Panaya Test Center, the Tosca commander must be closed on the target machine.

Enable full permissions to run the Windows Task Scheduler
Tosca Repository user  should have all permissions enabled for the Windows Task Scheduler

If you are still unable to sync Tosca test results with Panaya Test Center, follow the suggested solution provided here