Why does the Panaya URL IP address change?

Panaya is using Akamai infrastructure to optimize the Internet connection between your browser and the Panaya platform. Not only are our IP addresses dynamic to reflect your location, they may also be changed from time to time to reflect changing network conditions.
For example, congestion on the Internet may mean that changing the server your browser is communicating with will result in better network performance.
If your IT department allows outgoing network traffic based on a whitelist approach, then Panaya may also be blocked inadvertently. Even if you whitelist specific Akamai IP addresses, this problem will intermittently manifest itself, as the IP addresses used by Akamai revolve without warning.
Akamai have deployed over 150,000 servers within its network and therefore it is not viable to add each and every server to your firewall exceptions.
To solve this problem, you may resort to one of the solutions described below.
Solution 1 (preferred)
Whitelist outgoing traffic by hostname -
  • US platform: my.panaya.com, reports.panaya.com and cdn.panaya.com
  • EMEA platform: emea.panaya.com emeareports.panaya.com and cdn.panaya.com
Solution 2
If solution 1 is not possible, you may resolve the relevant hostnames mentioned above and then add the resulting IP addresses to a local DNS used by your workstations.
Please note that this may result in less than optimal connections. Moreover, in cases where Akamai take these servers out of rotation, e.g. for maintenance, you will not be able to reach Panaya. Even though connection is still not guaranteed, we would therefore recommend to resolve the hostnames a couple of times during different timeframes, gather a couple of IP addresses and add them as a round-robin to the local DNS.