How to define your SAP Client settings to work with Panaya

For SAP GUI version 7.20 and above, it is recommended to disable the Allow/Deny pop-ups from appearing during test recording or execution, or, when utilizing the Panaya RDx synchronizer.
To disable these notifications, perform the following configuration in your SAP Security options.
  1. In the SAP log-on screen, press the button in the top left hand corner, and select Options
  2. Under Accessibility & Scripting select Scripting
  3. Check the Enable scripting option and uncheck the Notify when a script attached so SAP GUI and the Notify when a script opens a connection option
  4. Select the Security folder and click on the Security Settings
  5. Change the Status to Customized with the Default Action set to Allow.

    In some version of SAP, you will need to first click on the Security Configuration Dialog button.
  6. Apply the new settings and click OK

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No SAP permissions? Please contact your SAP Basis administrator for assistance