How to install and enable the Automation Connector?

The Automation Connector allows Panaya to communicate with a remote automation engine.

The connector performs the following activities - 

  • Retrieves the list of tests from the Panaya Playlist
  • Requests the automation engine to begin running the automated tests
  • Sends results, time and evidence back to Panaya

This article described the process of installing the Panaya Automation Connector.

Supported Versions

  • Tosca 11.1
  • HP UFT from 12.5


Use the machine where the automation engine is installed, and - 

  1. Login to Panaya
  2. Click on the Settings button to open up the Settings panel
  3. Under Automatic Testing Tools, download the ZIP file for the Connector installation
  4. Extract the ZIP file locally, and execute the Setup.exe or PanayaConnectorSetup.msi file
  5. Follow the wizard until installation is complete.
    Once complete, a new icon will appear in the notification area for Windows. 

Good to Know!

  • The installation wizard will automatically generate a scheduled task
  • The scheduled task will run every 1 minute