How to update the original script with the last run?

When executing a Quick Test, it is possible to perform additional activities or even introduce new transactions.
The new flow can then replace the original script or be saved as a new Quick Test script.

Step 1 - Record the additional activities

  1. Execute a Quick Run
  2. Run the test in either Step or Transaction mode
  3. While running the test, perform the additional activity or run the newly introduced transactions
  4. Continue with the remaining activities of the test as you would regularly 
  5. In Panaya Test Player, only hit Save when you have completed performing all additional activities
  6. After you save the test run, select the relevant step and click Show Evidence.
    Check to see that the additional activities appear in the evidence as expected.

Step 2 - Update the Quick Test script (or Save As a new script)

  1. Double-click on the relevant step and select the Runs tab
  2. Select the relevant test run
  3. You can now select between updating the original script, so it includes all additional activities
    You can save the script as a new Quick Test activity.
    When selected, the new activity will be automatically saved in the same location in the tree.

To replace a step or transaction in the Quick Test script - 
Record the additional activities and update the script, then delete the unnecessary steps or transactions