What are Data Sets?

When capturing an SAP ERP testing scenario with Panaya, the business process will naturally include many different parameters and data that will be recorded as part of the original scenario. When it comes to executing this scenario there may be a requirement to perform the test in a different environment or with different input data from what was originally captured. In order to support these changing parameters, you can use Panaya’s Testing Data Sets to define a range of data that can be used when executing the test.

Watch this video and learn how to convert to Quick Test and use Data Sets.

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After the Run & Document of a particular business process containing a possible range of parameters followed by the conversion to a Quick Test, a Data Set tab is included where you can define the different combinations of data for the specific selected fields.

Click on the Create button:

The following screen gives you the option of choosing which data fields you would like to include in your Data Set.

In order to view the specific parameter as it appears in your SAP session, click on the Desktop icon.

When you have finished selecting the parameters, click on OK.

The recorded default is then presented in the Data Sets tab, along with the ability to duplicate the chosen data and define additional sets, and to export to excel and then import according to the given template.

When returning to the Planned Runs tab, the Quick Run step now has the option to playback the test using a different data set.

Good to know!
You can import Planned Runs to an existing Quick Test