How to "Run & Document" tests?

Where to begin? While testing You can also

View your tests

Launch the Recorder

Recorded applications

Begin capturing

Stop the recording

View Test Information

Report a Defect

Suspend recording

Stop the recording

Capture a manual step

Add a manual instruction

View your Tests

  1. Login to Panaya
    Having trouble logging in? Click here

    Did you know?
    The easiest way to view your tests is to look for an email from
    Click on the link within the email to go directly to the lists of tests assigned to you

  2. Click on the Menu button and select the Project

  3. View your own tests
    The counter represents the number of tests that are currently assigned to you and are Ready to Test
    Click on the counter to view them in a list


    Hover over the Tests tab and select Test Tree

  4. Click on the Test ID, Test Name or Upcoming Step to open up the Test Details
    You can also double click anywhere in the list to drill down


Launch the Recorder

  1. Select the Steps tab
  2. Select to Run & Document a particular step to launch the Panaya Recorder 


Define Recorded Applications

Select Recording Options , to determine what applications should be captured - 

    Select this option to record your SAP ERP session. Your test evidence will pick up the fields used, input data etc.
  • Browser (IE, Chrome)
    Select this option to record business processes that are performed on a web browser such as Salesforce, Fiori, SAP Portal, WebDynPro, 3rd party web application, etc.
    This option supports Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers only. Capturing Google Chrome requires the installation of 2 Chrome extensions.
  • Other Applications
    Use this option to capture other applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Windows Folders or any other screen activity that is not performed in your web browser or SAP ECC6. Use this option if you need to capture Adobe Flash applications or screens.
    Can't see this option?
    Contact your Panaya account manager to enable Other Applications recording

Can I select more than one option simultaneously? 
Yes. If you select SAP ERP & Browser (IE, Chrome) your Test Evidence will include activities performed both on SAP and your browser. Activities will be grouped by application/transaction.
At any point during the recording, you can add the Other Applications option.

Begin Capturing

When you are ready to begin capturing, select the application to record and then click Start Recording

The recorder will appear in its minimized view

You can now go ahead and perform the business process. Panaya will capture your actions according to the selected applications.

Panaya allows a maximum idle time of 30 minutes while recording.
Any idle time of 30 minutes or more will cause the recording to abort.


View Test Information

Use the Test Information button  to display the following information - 
Name, Description, Transaction, Guidelines and Expected Results.
Also provided here are the input dataprevious step evidence and any attachments.
The input data can be modified under the Data tab for each Test and is not specific to the current Step.

More Options

At any point during the recording, hover over the flashing red circle and click on the arrows to expand the Panaya Recorder


Pause Recording
​​You can pause the recording if capturing activities using the Browser (IE, Chrome)Other Applications, or both options simultaneously. 
Click on the Pause Recording button again to resume the recording. 


Suspend Recording
At any point during the recording, you can disable Browser (IE, Chrome)Other Applications, or both from being recorded.

This option is handy if you need to record web applications (such as SAP Fiori, SAP Portal, Salesforce) and Other Applications (such as Excel) intermittently



Stop Recording
When you have completed your testing activities, use the Stop Recording button .
Mark the Test as Passed, Failed, or In Progress. Fill in the Actual Results details and add a relevant comment.


Stop and Resume Later
You can capture your actions, stop the recording, and set the status as In Progress
Testers can then resume the recording later, and select whether they wish to add new captured activities to the original recording or initiate a separate test run. 

Good to Know!
If you are also assigned to the following Step, you will be given the option to continue directly to the next step. 

Click here to learn how to view the Test Evidence


Report Defect 
If you come across a defect during your test, you can report it immediately by clicking on the Defect button.



Add Manual Instruction
If you would like to add test evidence notes during the process, click on the Notes button  in order to include these notes as part of your test evidence. The notes are attached to the activity. 



Capture a Manual Step
Use this button If you would like to add a step from any other application. You can select the application from the list and Panaya will capture a screenshot.
Then add a short Description for the step captured and click Save.

You can also edit the screenshot by highlighting areas, using text and arrows.
Click here to learn more


Recording Options
This is where you can define which applications to record



Change Language
Use the Settings button to change the interface language.
Then restart the Panaya Recorder.  



Troubleshooting Mode
The Settings section is also where you can turn on Troubleshooting Mode if requested by Panaya Support