Troubleshooting Recording Other Applications

This article describes performance troubleshooting options for the Panaya Browser (IE, Chrome) or Other Applications recorder options.

Panaya Requirements

  • Panaya requires a minimum bandwidth of 20Mbps with less than 50ms latency to Panaya Server
  • 8GB RAM on your machine

Are you experiencing performance issues?

  1. Follow the initial 3 steps in  this article
  2. Try to clear the cookies and cache on your browser - Google Chrome, Microsoft EdgeInternet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
  3. Try using a different browser, or, try using In Private browsing (IE) / New Incognito Window mode (Chrome)


Are you recording a Citrix / Remote session?
We suggest using alternative options to capture these activities, as Citrix connection with the use of the Panaya recorder may cause a slow down in loading and capturing. Or capturing the recording after you are behind the Citrix connection


Other useful tips

  • It is advised to stop unnecessary running applications while you are recording.
  • Connected through WIFI? We recommend connecting to the internet using a LAN cable
  • Does your test include more than 100 steps? Our Test Recorder and Player work best with tests that include 50 steps or less. 


Still cannot resolve the issue?
Follow these steps and provide the information to Panaya Support - 

  1. Navigate to, then click GO 
  2. Once the test is complete, take a screenshot and share it with Panaya Support
  3. Open Command Prompt window (Start > Run > cmd) and run one of the below commands - 
    tracert -h 15 or tracert -h 15   (or