How to enforce test evidence?

You can enforce adding test evidence by testers, for Passed Steps / Planned Runs. Testers can add evidence during Manual Test Execution (for Passed Steps).


  • You will need the Test Create / Edit / Delete / Mass Edit permission in order to change the Evidence Required field
  • Users can generate / upload evidence if they are assigned with the Test Run Edit and Execute / Retest permission

To set the Evidence Required field to Yes for specific Test Steps or Planned Runs -

  1. Open up a Test / Quick Test and select the Steps / Planned Runs tab 

  2. Use one of the following options - 
    • Option I - Using the View Step button
      • Highlight the relevant Step and click on View Step
      • In the General tab, scroll down to the Evidence required field and set it to Yes / No

    • Options II - By adding the Evidence Required field to the Steps tab view
      • Click on the Select Column button
        You can begin typing "evidence" or simply select the Evidence required field from the drop-down list.
      • Double click on the field for each Step to set to the Evidence required field to Yes / No. The default value for the Evidence required field is No.
  3. Upon execution, the tester will be required to upload the Test Evidence

Good to Know!
You can also set the Evidence required field -