How to change the settings of the Quick Run Player?

The Quick Run Player allows you to execute your Quick Test script with an intuitive and easy to use test player. The Panaya test player allows testers to seamlessly execute tests using various execution modes as described below.   

To change the settings of the player - 

  1. Click to expand the player
  2. Click on the Settings button and then select Settings

In the player settings you can - 

  • Change the player language
    Your operating system language is selected by default. 
    You can select any other language from the list.

  • Define Player Speed
    Use this option to slow down the player speed between instructions or between the performed activity and the expected outcome (validation). This option is useful if you are experiencing slow connection/rendering of the captured screens.
    In some cases, the tested application page or screen takes longer time to load. In some cases this may cause the Panaya player to fail the instruction. Adding the delay time between instructions will allow the application page or screen to load before the player attempts to perform the instruction. 

  • Keep player always on top
    If you select this option, the player will always appear on the screen, regardless of which other window or application is selected

  • Define which applications to capture as evidence
    You can select to capture SAP activities or Web activities (Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers only)

    If the played script contains SAP activities, the evidence will include SAP activities by default.
    If the played script contains Web activities, the evidence will include web activities.
    For scripts containing both SAP and Web activities, the evidence will include both SAP and Web activities by default.
    For scripts containing manual instructions only, no evidence will be captured by default.