How to save your custom list?

You can use various options to customize your TestsDefectsDevelopment / Workspace or Corrections lists and then save your custom view as your own. 

To Customize your list - 

  1. Select any of the Project tabs - Development / Requirements / Workspace / Tests / Defects

    For Tests - hover over the Tests tab and select Test List

    For the Corrections list view, click on the Corrections tab and then Corrections  
  2. Use sorting and filtering options to customize your list
    Click here to learn more about sorting and filtering options

    You can also change the order of displayed columns by dragging and dropping the column header.

    To add or remove columns click on the Select Columns button. Use the Search bar shown below to quickly find the desired fields. 
  • Use these link to learn how to group columns for TestsDefectsRequirements or Corrections
  • Note that any changes for an existing view are automatically saved for this user

To save your personal List view - 

  1. Click on All Development \ Items \ Requirements \ Tests \ Defects \ Corrections and then Save As...
  2. Set a Name for your Custom View and click Save
  3. Your Custom View will then be available for all Projects
  4. If you make any changes you can Save them again, or Save As as a new Custom View
  5. This is also where you can Share the view with other users, Rename or Delete your Custom View altogether

    Shared view will appear with the Shared icon

    Users with whom you share a view will be able to see the shared view in their views list under Shared With Me

Good to know!

  • Custom views are saved per user and will be available across Projects
  • You can share a view with up to 100 users at a time