How to add an attachment or a link?

Use the Attachments tab to add documents, images, presentations and archived files. You can upload the files or paste a Link URL (both internal or external). 

You can add attachments and links to -

  • Requirements
  • Tests
  • Test Steps
  • Defects
  • Corrections

The maximum attachment size is 10 MB per file.
To attach video or EXE files, archive them as ZIP and then attach to the test activity.

  1. Open a Requirement, Development ActivityTest, Test Step (by highlighting a Step and clicking View Step), Defect or Correction
  2. Select the Attachments tab
  3. To add an attachment, you can Drop a file, Paste an image (applicable for Google Chrome only), or use the Add Attachment button

    The Add Attachment button will allow you to select if you wish to upload a File or use a Link

    Adding a File
    Click on Choose File to browse and select the file, add a Description and click Add.

    Addingh a Link
    Paste the URL
    in the Address field, define the Link Text and Description. Then click Add.

  4. Once your file has been added, you can hover over the attachment to Edit the Details.
    If you uploaded an image, you can use the image editor to add annotations, highlights, text, arrows and more.

  5. To remove an Attachment, hover over the attachment and click on the Delete button